Sunday, July 25, 2010

The rich pauper

my family isn't wealthy, we don't have a lot of money and we most likely never will, i will probably never have clothing from limited two or diamond earrings as a gift, there will never be trips to foreign country's or extravagant mall shopping spree's, I've never had a credit card and wont until i have my own job, all in all my family's doesn't have a lot of money and we're not wealthy. however my family is one of the richest i know. because no matter what we always have each other. we may not get along but we truly love each other. to begin with there is my brother Jacob, he has a few issues he needs to work out and that's no joke, he gets easily upset and likes to argue, he sleeps in as late as he can and then gets mad when hes woken up late, hes bratty and slightly selfish and i couldn't ever ask for a better brother. for you see even though he has a lot of bad points he has a bunch of good ones as well. he is sweet, hes given me an i-pod, two laptops a phone and rides when ever i needed one. second he protects me, he watches out for me tries to make sure I'm happy, and most of all hes unexpected, he watches soap opera's and plays computer games with my mom. next comes my mom, shes not the perfect parent.....not even close actually. she makes a bunch of mistakes and is slightly fragile she ignores me sometimes though never on purpose and she doesn't know my favorite color. but...
my mom is BRAVE she would stand against the devil himself to make sure i am safe. he is LOYAL, as long as we are both alive i will never have to worry about lack of friends because i will always have her. she is STRONG, no matter what happens she keeps on going, it may not be with a smile but she will never give up. and she LOVES me she would do anything for me if i asked no matter what, i said earlier I'll never go on trips to foreign country, at least not as a child, but i know if wanted to go somewhere badly enough i would be going, i still remember a trip i went on a few years ago, we didn't exactly have the money but she still found a way to send me on the trip AND gave me money to spend on souvenirs. more then anything though my mom is TRUSTING i can do whatever i want as long as it doesn't hurt me or someone else, i can hang out with who ever when ever as long as she knows the who what when and where or i at least have my cell phone on me. so i may not have the most money but i am the richest pauper in the world.

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