Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Double Piercings

about a week ago i let my friend pierce my ears, i didn't even tell my mom right away, not to say i didn't have permission she knew i was planning on doing it but she didn't know when or where i would get it done but she DID know, however i don't know WHY i did it so spur of the moment and today i reached a conclusion its because I'm almost 18 and have never done anything to "rebel" and i suppose unconsciously i needed to do that before i became an adult or i would have felt like i had to commit some act of rebellion before it was to late. I'm not upset about what i did and my mom supports me and all of my decisions, but the thing is i wonder if i would have felt MORE satisfaction if my mom hadn't supported me, i mean if she HAD grounded me or gotten into more of an argument or something would i have felt like my rebellion had actually meant MORE to me. i guess i'll never know but for now my one act of rebellion will have to be satisfactory.

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